Celebrating Life On A Grand Canvas

Boasting of the first MEGAPLEX of Delhi, Vegas is a dazzling edifice that is about to change the lifestyle of the city. Forever...

Epicurean Delight

Thematic food court designed to please and satisfy, Vegas is planned as the mecca of foodies. Bon appetit !

Thrilling Games Down The Alley

Imagine a world where pleasure is at your fingertips ! The finest Bowling Alley in Delhi and Video gaming arcades are unmatched, making Vegas the star attraction.

Rhythm of Fun and Frolic

Here's to masti and madness for children at Vegas in the Kids play zone that is bound to be filled with their laughter and enjoyment.

Come, live it up at Vegas !

Recreational Rendezvous

Vegas has an ideal outdoor location that can be customized to fit any mood, event or occasion. From a musical performance, standup comedy to movie screening, Vegas is set to be the ideal host.