Glitz, Glamour Celebration

Vegas is an enthralling, addictive and never ending experience for those who want the
party to never end.

Bouquet Of Unlimited Shopping

Fashion ranges from pret to glam, footwear lines from casual to formal, jewellery designs from designer to exclusive, not to mention a select and chosen cluster of Anchor stores, Vegas is set on a bid to unveil the best of stylish and iconic selections.

Retail Fete

Shopaholics be warned ! Vegas with its innumerable and never ending retail experiences, is sheer opium of retail therapy.

Hyper-Convenient, Hyper-Exclusive

Vegas is launched to house one of the largest hypermarkets in the city offering unlimited choice, comfort and convenience.

Celebrating Life On A Grand Canvas

Boasting of the first MEGAPLEX of Delhi, Vegas is a dazzling edifice that is about to change the lifestyle of the city. Forever...

Thrilling Games Down The Alley

Imagine a world where pleasure is at your fingertips ! The finest Bowling Alley in Delhi and Video gaming arcades are unmatched, making Vegas the star attraction.

Recreational Rendezvous

Vegas has an ideal outdoor location that can be customized to fit any mood, event or occasion. From a musical performance, standup comedy to movie screening, Vegas is set to be the ideal host.